If going for a run keeps your body fit just imagine how well solving puzzles keeps your brain fit! Word-puzzles are a great way to exercise your brain and living in a smartphone-filled world, what better way is there to attempt a word-puzzle than by downloading one on your phone?

WordWhizzle Connect by Apprope is a free to play word-puzzle game that has over 1,200 levels to play through. The concept of WordWhizzle Connect is quite simple. What you need to do is form words from the letters provided on your screen. These letters need to be swiped one at a time in the order they appear in a word. For example, to create the word ‘GAME’, you would need to swipe starting with a G, then pass over the A, the M and finish at E.

Once you have finished forming every word required in a level, you will pass and move on to the next one. Each level will get progressively more difficult and require you to form more words of longer lengths.

Sometimes the levels and words can be quite difficult to solve, so you can purchase hints by spending in-game currency. Earn more currency by completing more levels successfully and also by solving the daily challenge which consists of forming a lot of words of relatively long lengths. Another easier way we would suggest is to go and checkĀ WordWhizzle Connect Answers free site.

So if you want to exercise your brain and give it a good workout to prevent potential, future mental deficiencies later on in life, download WordWhizzle Connect and engage both sides of your brain!