Keeping your brain active is an excellent way to stave off potential mental defects such as Alzheimer’s Disease, and one of the best ways to engage both sides of your brain is through word-puzzles. Apprope has created a word-puzzle game that will not only exercise your grey-matter but let you have fun whilst doing it. The game is called WordBlobs and it’s concept is very simple and easy to get the hang of.

Swipe your finger across letters that display on the screen in order to form words. The amount of words required to pass a level and how many letters each word contains is shown on the screen. By forming every word successfully, you’ll move ahead to the next level.

By successfully passing levels you will earn in-game currency that lets you purchase hints. These hints will reveal letters in random words starting with the first letter. In-game currency can get spent pretty quickly if you choose to use too many hints at once so be careful. If you do happen to run out of currency, you can always purchase more via in-app purchases for real money. A tricky way to find the answer you need without thinking a lot is by visiting WordBlobs Answers free site. You can find there any answer you need for each level.

WordBlobs adopts a very adorable art-style that resembles a magic school. By passing levels you will go up through ranks of being a wizard/witch. And obviously with higher ranks will come more difficult and much more challenging levels. This extra challenge is where your brain will really start to feel the burn. And if you’re looking for a bit more challenge, you can try out the
daily challenge which has you solving more words than a regular level with more letters.

Apprope has done a great job of creating a game that’s not only enjoyable but will also keep your brain nice and healthy.