Solving word puzzle games is one of the best ways to engage your brain, but sometimes games like crosswords can get a bit too tricky and stressful. That’s when you start to look for something a lot simpler like a word search game. Word Search Pro by Word Puzzle Games is a free to play word search app available from the Apple App Store.

In order to play Word Search Pro, you will need to locate words on a screen filled with a jumble of letters. The words you need to find are written on the screen as well and every time you find one, it will get marked off so you don’t waste time looking for one you’ve already found. To discover a word, all you need to do is slide your finger along it from the first letter to the last. An easy and tricky way we suggest to use when you feel stuck is to visit Word Search Pro Answers.

Beautiful colours unveil themselves as you find more words and when you are finished with a puzzle, you’ll be treated to a beautiful display of overlapping, opaque pastels.

You’ll never find an end to Word Search Pro as there are unlimited puzzles to play through. Packed with fifty different word categories, you’re always going to be finding new words compared the level you previously played. And finding words in this manner engages your brain in a way that’ll keep it fit and healthy.

If you’re looking for a word puzzle game that doesn’t push your brain too much, Word Search Pro is a nice gentle way to satiate the inner word puzzle lover in anybody.