Packed with 2,000 levels of word-guessing goodness, Word Connect by Zentertain Ltd. has you swiping your finger from letter to letter in order to form words. Words required to pass a level come in different lengths and levels will throw multiple words at you. As you progress through the game, words will become harder to guess.

To help out with guessing which words are required in each level, you will be rewarded with coins that can be used to purchase hints. Hints will let you know which letters appear in a randomly selected word from the gameboard, starting with the first letter. If you need help we would suggest you to visit Word Connect Answers site.

You will earn coins by passing levels, uncovering special words and also from daily challenges. The daily challenges help mix things up by providing extra challenges that come in the form of 5 levels with differing levels of difficulty. It’s this challenge that makes Word Connect really addictive and enjoyable.

Word Connect utilises nostalgic graphics that display the letters as wooden blocks. There are also a few different themes you can apply to the gameboard which provide new backgrounds packed full of colour.

With such exciting and addictive gameplay, Word Connect is enjoyable to play for pretty much anyone, no matter what style of game they like. Plus, by improving your vocabulary, you will not
only be gaining a new range of skills, but providing a workout for your brain is just as important as exercising your body. Download Word Connect today and start expanding your vocabulary knowledge.