Game developer Kan Hong has brought out a stylish word puzzle game called Word Blocks. It takes the intersecting word concept from crosswords and blends it with the idea of using your finger to form words by swiping letters in an order that creates an existing word.

With thousands of levels, all provided for free, even those with the greatest vocabulary skills will find themselves being tested by the increasingly difficult stages. To help out with the higher difficulties are hints which can be purchased using the in-game currency you earn by completing levels. This currency can also be obtained by pulling a lever on a slot machine that you are
allowed access to periodically. Another suggestion for you is to visit Word Blocks Answers because someone else has solved the game for us.

The challenge of playing a word puzzle game such as Word Blocks means you will be exercising your brain in the best way possible. Games like this will engage both sides of your brain and, in turn, stave off mental deterioration.

Word Blocks isn’t just providing an enjoyable gaming experience, it’s also doing a great job of helping it’s players to keep their brain healthy and stimulated in an attractive fashion. The designs incorporated in Word Blocks are pleasing to the eye and provide a good bit of visual stimulation.

With no price tag, Word Blocks is a great find for anyone wanting to challenge themselves and stay mentally fit. The only hitch is the amount of adverts in the game. They do start to appear quite frequently, but it’s a small price to pay for a healthy brain.