Do you enjoy testing your vocabulary? Are you a fan of anagram word games? Perhaps you should check out Letter Peak – Word Search Up by SMART UP INC.

This formidable and devilishly enjoyable game has you forming a number of words based on the letters displayed in a circle. Each difficulty level of the game provides a different amount of letters and words to guess. Swipe your finger from letter to letter in order to input your guess. If you’ve guessed correctly, the word will appear in one of the boxes along the top of the screen.

Each time you clear a section you will be rewarded with free hints. These hints work by cutting out a bit of the guess work and giving you the first letter of a word. But keep in mind; these hints are only good for one letter at a time so make sure you save them for those really difficult words later on down the track.  If you run out of free hints, you can still buy them via in-app purchases or you can visit Letter Peak Answers where you can find almost all  of the solutions.

Letter Peak – Word Search Up can get very tricky as you progress to the harder difficulties.
To begin with, the “Baby” difficulty will only have you guessing words of 2 to 3 letters in length. In the later difficulties you’ll be guessing words of up to 7 letters in length.

With handsome graphics and a nice polished user-interface, you’ll find yourself instantly drawn to this game.
Letter Peak – Word Search Up is not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re prepared to seriously challenge your vocabulary knowledge, you should definitely consider downloading this completely free game.