WordWhizzle Connect Review

WordWhizzle Connect Review

If going for a run keeps your body fit just imagine how well solving puzzles keeps your brain fit! Word-puzzles are a great way to exercise your brain and living in a smartphone-filled world, what better way is there to attempt a word-puzzle than by downloading one on your phone?

WordWhizzle Connect by Apprope is a free to play word-puzzle game that has over 1,200 levels to play through. The concept of WordWhizzle Connect is quite simple. What you need to do is form words from the letters provided on your screen. These letters need to be swiped one at a time in the order they appear in a word. For example, to create the word ‘GAME’, you would need to swipe starting with a G, then pass over the A, the M and finish at E.

Once you have finished forming every word required in a level, you will pass and move on to the next one. Each level will get progressively more difficult and require you to form more words of longer lengths.

Sometimes the levels and words can be quite difficult to solve, so you can purchase hints by spending in-game currency. Earn more currency by completing more levels successfully and also by solving the daily challenge which consists of forming a lot of words of relatively long lengths. Another easier way we would suggest is to go and check WordWhizzle Connect Answers free site.

So if you want to exercise your brain and give it a good workout to prevent potential, future mental deficiencies later on in life, download WordWhizzle Connect and engage both sides of your brain!

WordBlobs Review

WordBlobs Review

Keeping your brain active is an excellent way to stave off potential mental defects such as Alzheimer’s Disease, and one of the best ways to engage both sides of your brain is through word-puzzles. Apprope has created a word-puzzle game that will not only exercise your grey-matter but let you have fun whilst doing it. The game is called WordBlobs and it’s concept is very simple and easy to get the hang of.

Swipe your finger across letters that display on the screen in order to form words. The amount of words required to pass a level and how many letters each word contains is shown on the screen. By forming every word successfully, you’ll move ahead to the next level.

By successfully passing levels you will earn in-game currency that lets you purchase hints. These hints will reveal letters in random words starting with the first letter. In-game currency can get spent pretty quickly if you choose to use too many hints at once so be careful. If you do happen to run out of currency, you can always purchase more via in-app purchases for real money. A tricky way to find the answer you need without thinking a lot is by visiting WordBlobs Answers free site. You can find there any answer you need for each level.

WordBlobs adopts a very adorable art-style that resembles a magic school. By passing levels you will go up through ranks of being a wizard/witch. And obviously with higher ranks will come more difficult and much more challenging levels. This extra challenge is where your brain will really start to feel the burn. And if you’re looking for a bit more challenge, you can try out the
daily challenge which has you solving more words than a regular level with more letters.

Apprope has done a great job of creating a game that’s not only enjoyable but will also keep your brain nice and healthy.

Word Search Pro Review

Word Search Pro Review

Solving word puzzle games is one of the best ways to engage your brain, but sometimes games like crosswords can get a bit too tricky and stressful. That’s when you start to look for something a lot simpler like a word search game. Word Search Pro by Word Puzzle Games is a free to play word search app available from the Apple App Store.

In order to play Word Search Pro, you will need to locate words on a screen filled with a jumble of letters. The words you need to find are written on the screen as well and every time you find one, it will get marked off so you don’t waste time looking for one you’ve already found. To discover a word, all you need to do is slide your finger along it from the first letter to the last. An easy and tricky way we suggest to use when you feel stuck is to visit Word Search Pro Answers.

Beautiful colours unveil themselves as you find more words and when you are finished with a puzzle, you’ll be treated to a beautiful display of overlapping, opaque pastels.

You’ll never find an end to Word Search Pro as there are unlimited puzzles to play through. Packed with fifty different word categories, you’re always going to be finding new words compared the level you previously played. And finding words in this manner engages your brain in a way that’ll keep it fit and healthy.

If you’re looking for a word puzzle game that doesn’t push your brain too much, Word Search Pro is a nice gentle way to satiate the inner word puzzle lover in anybody.

Word Blocks Review

Word Blocks Review

Game developer Kan Hong has brought out a stylish word puzzle game called Word Blocks. It takes the intersecting word concept from crosswords and blends it with the idea of using your finger to form words by swiping letters in an order that creates an existing word.

With thousands of levels, all provided for free, even those with the greatest vocabulary skills will find themselves being tested by the increasingly difficult stages. To help out with the higher difficulties are hints which can be purchased using the in-game currency you earn by completing levels. This currency can also be obtained by pulling a lever on a slot machine that you are
allowed access to periodically. Another suggestion for you is to visit Word Blocks Answers because someone else has solved the game for us.

The challenge of playing a word puzzle game such as Word Blocks means you will be exercising your brain in the best way possible. Games like this will engage both sides of your brain and, in turn, stave off mental deterioration.

Word Blocks isn’t just providing an enjoyable gaming experience, it’s also doing a great job of helping it’s players to keep their brain healthy and stimulated in an attractive fashion. The designs incorporated in Word Blocks are pleasing to the eye and provide a good bit of visual stimulation.

With no price tag, Word Blocks is a great find for anyone wanting to challenge themselves and stay mentally fit. The only hitch is the amount of adverts in the game. They do start to appear quite frequently, but it’s a small price to pay for a healthy brain.

Word Ranch Review

Word Ranch Review

Word Ranch – Be A Word Search Puzzle Hero by AppForge Inc. is a great word game to help expand your vocabulary knowledge. Packed full of heaps of levels that require you to form words by swiping your finger from letter to letter, every level you complete will help you learn new words and their correct spelling.

Aside from helping your knowledge of words constantly expand, you’ll also be helping your guide in the game, Sara, to build the ranch of her dreams. Each section of levels you successfully complete will let you construct a building on the ranch. The aim of the game is to build the entire ranch and get through every puzzle successfully.

The start of the game begins quite easily, but the difficulty ramps up fairly quickly. You’ll find yourself forming short words to begin with such as a couple of 2 to 3-letter words. However, after just a few introduction levels, the amount of words you need to form will exponentially increase. Eventually you’ll find the word lengths start to get longer as well. If you need a little extra help we suggest to visit Word Ranch Answers which is the easiest way to find the answer you need with zero cost.

To help combat the ever-increasing difficulty of Word Ranch – Be A Word Search Puzzle Hero are hints. Hints are available in exchange for in-game currency. The hints will show you a letter from a random word on screen so you know what letters are involved. However, in-game currency is only earned after successfully completing levels, so make sure you spend it wisely.

Word Ranch – Be A Word Search Puzzle Hero is free to download and play. The only trade-off are a few ads. But the challenge and experience you’ll gain from playing is priceless.

Crossword Quiz Review

Crossword Quiz Review

There’s no better way to test your vocabulary or general knowledge than by playing a crossword. With Conversion, LLC’s latest crossword game titled Crossword Quiz – Crossword Puzzle, you’ll find your brain stretching to it’s limit by solving heaps of levels and daily challenges.

Set out the same way a standard crossword is, Crossword Quiz – Crossword Puzzle requires you to swipe your finger along the horizontal rows or vertical columns to start guessing a word. Each word will give you a clue to help solve it such as a line of emoticons that help spell out the word, a short animation that protrays the word or a short sentence to describe what the word is.

Despite the clues being quite cleverly created, sometimes a word can just get way too hard to guess. Especially if it’s about something you’ve never been exposed to such as a foreign sport and its players. To help with these words, you can purchase hints using coins that are earned after every level. Don’t be shy about spending those coins as it’s what they’re there for. However, do try and keep some set aside for really tricky levels you’ll come across later on. There is another tricky and easier way to find out the answer you need. We are talking about Crossword Quiz Answers , a site that will make your game easy anytime you need extra help.

Crossword Quiz – Crossword Puzzle is incredibly challenging and will definitely help exercise your brain, especially when it comes to solving the daily challenge. You can download Conversion, LLC’s latest word-game without opening your wallet and continue playing it for free for as long as you like. Go on and start strengthening your brain muscles today!