Playing video games with your friends can often be quite a thrilling experience. And when you can craft the game your friend plays, it makes things even more fun. Bonza Word Puzzle by Minimega Pty Ltd lets you do just that by creating a word-guessing game similar in design to a crossword.

Words required to be formed are pre-determined, and the letters needed to make these words are scattered around the screen in chunks. These chunks come in the form of small columns or rows of letters, letters placed by themselves, or even in L or T shapes. To solve a level you need to slide the pieces around the screen so letters sit next to one another in order to form whole words.

The main game provides levels that follow certain clues. These are provided in the way of the level’s title. For example, if the title is something easy to work with like “Eye of the…”, you know the words required need to sit comfortably afterward, such as “Eye of the storm”.

Some levels will provide a much harder clue to work out such as “V……”. As you start to form words you might eventually work out the title is actually “Vegetables”, therefore all words required are to do with vegetables. Without any hint needed and totally free, we suggest you to visit Bonza Word Puzzle Answers to find the answer you are searching for.

It’s easy to play Bonza Word Puzzle and challenges provided are extremely fun. Setting a challenge for your friends is just as easy and is a great way to test both your vocabulary knowledges. Bonza Word Puzzle is totally free to download and a priceless way to enhance your vocabulary.